Greetings from the President

Nikkato corporation has contributed to the development of Japanese industry since we were founded in 1913 by supplying laboratory porcelains and fine ceramics products, with our corporate philosophy "contributing to the development of science, technology, and industry through the production of creative and reliable products, and contributing to society through friendly management".

Our products are used by many companies. In particular, electronic component manufacturers use our ceramics products and measuring systems, which are indispensable in the manufacture of electronic components for the smart phones, electric vehicles, and autonomous driving systems.

The spread of COVID-19 incredibly changes our lifestyle and corporate activities, and the world has been changed dramatically by including the provision of new services and products. In addition, the Japanese government declared “Carbon Neutrality” in October 2020. Therefore we are required to contribute to society by reducing their environmental impact, such as GHG emissions which cause climate change.

In these turbulent times, we strongly recognize that "Reliable Company" "Only companies that are needed by the times will grow", and drew up the second medium-term management plan “CONNECT25” to rebuild our business foundation for sustainable growth.

“CONNECT25” has three main components, “pursuit of products and technologies that meet market needs (QUALITY)”, “development of technologies to reduce environmental impact (ENVIRONMENT)”, and "restructuring of business portfolio (MANAGEMENT)”. We will work on the strengthening of human capital investment and intellectual property strategy to realize these goals.

We hope that our products will be of some help to you, and we look forward to your continued support and patronage in the future.

代表取締役社長 大西宏司

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